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Corporate identity for Shanghai Electric Corporation “STEP”

Shanghai Step Electric Corporation (China) was founded in 1995 as a state-supported high-tech enterprise. The main directions of the company are the development and serial production of robots for industrial automation, as well as various controllers and other components for robotic lines and elevators. In 2022, the Step company not only took a leading position in the domestic market, but also increased the number of branches abroad. in its branches.To develop a unified corporate identity, the company turned to us.

We have divided our work into several stages. First of all, we analyzed the existing visual components and formed a work plan for the project. At the second stage, graphical flaws in the old logo were corrected, the main corporate colors and corporate identity elements were developed. Having structured all the rules of use in convenient guidelines, we started designing the main corporate carriers of the company – employee badges, building signs, room navigation, basic design of the exhibition stand and work clothes for employees. 

One of the main principles in the development of media design was simplicity and ease of manufacture. The final stage was the development of a unified design for the company’s corporate website and presentations in English and Chinese. In addition, we have created convenient templates for the main pages of the site and presentations for further independent use and editing by company employees.

As a result of our work on the project, a common corporate style has emerged, a holistic visual image of the company has been formed, branded media have been standardized, and staff has been trained to work with the new identity.

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