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Natural syrups “Treasures of Taiga”

“Kosminskiy Gostinets” is a Russian trade mark representing a rich variety of monastery products: tea, jam and syrups from pine and cedar cones. The company’s products are a rethinking of old recipes, the creation of a new quality standard and a harmonious addition to a healthy diet. The production is located in an ecologically clean region of the Middle Urals.

We were faced with the task of rebranding and developing a name, legend, label design and promotional materials for the launch of launch sales of syrups in China.

When developing the name, we took into account the peculiarities of the Chinese language and created the most appropriate name within the selected category segment. This is how the trademark “Treasures of the Taiga” or “泰佳之宝” appeared. In order to form the best visual image for native speakers, we replaced the second hieroglyph “加” in the word “taiga” with “佳”, which is absolutely similar in sound, but carries a more favorable semantic load – “beautiful, beautiful”. To visualize the name in Chinese, we have developed a unique font part of the logo, which is based on the graphics of ancient Chinese characters and nature motifs.

Our experts in the field of intellectual property have filed an application for registration of the name and font part of the logo in China.

In the context of the resulting name, our team developed a brand legend, combining the history of its origin and description of the benefits of the product that the company offers to consumers.

The next step was the creation of product packaging. China has a high life expectancy and values products that provide health benefits on par with Chinese traditional medicine. Therefore, for the concept of the label image, we combined Russian and Chinese motifs in our modern interpretation.

The label for the series of syrups “Treasures of Taiga” is a stylization of the stained-glass window of an ancient monastery and at the same time resembles labels on bottles with traditional Chinese healing infusions. We came up with this visual element to connect with the history of the creation of syrups and a visual message to the buyer that the product, in addition to the unique taste, is also very healthy. To visually distinguish the flavors of syrups, we have introduced a color code. The color of the window frame changes depending on the flavor of the syrup. In the label design, we focused on Chinese typography, the name of the syrup, made in hieroglyphs, is the key to the composition. Large hieroglyphs are clearly visible from afar and immediately give the buyer an understanding of what product is in front of him. Additionally, we organically placed illustrations on the label that tell about the origin and method of creating the product.

On the basis of the developed graphic concept, advertising media were also developed – a brochure and bottle neckers.

The project was carried out with the support of the Russian Export Center.

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