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Logo for Chinese storage system company “JULI”

Are you tired of everyday mess, you do not have time to solve this problem? The JULI team from China, who are skilled in organizing home space, offers you a solution to the problem with their innovative storage systems.

We have developed a logo for the brand’s furniture systems. Now their logo is placed on business cards, official documents, decorates facades and furniture.

The main idea is to use the symbols of “order” in the design of the logo. The design was based on the Chinese character “里”, which is also present in the brand name and means “inside”, since things are stored inside storage systems. The hieroglyph “里”, in turn, consists of the characters “田” – “field divided into cells”, visually resembling storage cells, and “土” – “earth, space”. In a solid structure, the character “里” is shaped like a home shelving unit.

We created a logo that follows the shape of a home shelving unit with a half-open door. Our logo is made in yellow, which creates a soft visual effect, creating comfort and warmth. At the request of the client, the logo was made according to the rules of Feng Shui, worked out to the smallest detail.

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