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Logo and corporate identity for Chinese toys brand “O-darts”

In connection with the release of the Chinese toy brand “O-Darts” to marketplaces in the United States, our team created the brand legend, logo, mascot character, corporate identity and its basic carriers – packaging for three different toy series, catchy patterns and promotional materials with copywriting , based on the analysis of the profile of the target audience of these countries.

The “O-Darts” brand specializes in outdoor games in which you need to accurately shoot with space blasters, throw grenades at zombies and launch rockets into space. And this is not all that the brand can please little friends in the near future.

As part of the task of expanding the range of toys, we were given the goal of updating the brand logo and creating common principles in the corporate identity and illustrations for toys and packaging.

To begin with, we took a time machine back to childhood, and then flew into the future and looked at what children played and play the most – yes, these are video games. “We will make a logo based on intros for video games” – our designers unanimously decided. OK! Let’s mix in some “old school” from dandy, contrasting colors and some effects. The move worked, and in the next step, we created branded patterns, graphic elements for packaging, illustrations for the main toys and a brand character, arranging everything in a convenient English-Chinese corporate identity guide.

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