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Labels design for ice cream “Kar Pari”

Our team created an ice cream labels design for a food manufacturer in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. “Kar Pari” is a local brand owned by Arman.

Due to the use of only natural ingredients in the preparation according to the recipe of the Italian confectioner Michel Mengozzi, you will get incredible pleasure from eating Kar Pari ice cream.

There are 9 flavors in the series: “Chocolate”, “Pistachio”, “Tiramisu”, “Hazelnut”, “Cream”, “Strawberry”, “Vanilla”, “Mint” and “Wild Berries”. For each taste, we have created an individual package with a picture of the main ingredient and its color code. The package feature is a dessert spoon with an ingredient on it. Indeed, the taste of ice cream is so bright that it seems that you are actually eating whole berries or nuts.

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