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Corporate identity for international agricultural company “Conti”

Conti Feed (China) Group is part of the Conti Group Companies, Inc (CGC), which was founded by Simon Friborg in Arlon, Belgium in 1813. The Conti Group, formerly known as Continental Grain, has grown into a multinational corporation with offices and operations in 10 countries. Today CGC is one of the largest private corporations in the US. The main direction of Conti Feed (China) Group is the production of grain feed for farm animals in China.

For the American agricultural company “Conti” or “Continental Grain Company” we redesigned the logo for their Chinese division, which produces food for farm animals in China.

In addition to the logo, we developed a corporate identity guide and did the design for the company’s main branded media and some business documentation. The manual clearly describes when and in what case this or that graphic element or their combination is used. 

Examples of correct and incorrect use of corporate elements are given, examples of layout of the main media are shown. At the request of the marketing department of the Conti Feed (China) Group, in order to promote the brand in China, use it within the company as part of corporate events and develop branded merchandise, we created a branded character – “Super Pig”.

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