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Infinity Ink — a Universe of endless ideas. We are a design studio with an unusual view on ordinary things.

From here we set out to explore the mysteries of design.

No nonsense. Only effective results.

Design which will help you to really stand out!


Graphical identification of companies, brands, goods and services. your uniqueness. Identity is everything that allows you to quickly distinguish your company and its products from competitors. The name, logo, fonts, corporate colors, packaging, design of documents, website, cars and clothes, as well as mascots – all these are elements and carriers of corporate identity.

Developing an identity is a complex task, the correct approach to which allows you to form the “face”of a brand or company.


When picking up a book, package, or toy, the vast majority of people first look at the illustrations. Vivid visual images can evoke a strong emotional response in people.

Using illustrations is a solution to help grab the audience’s attention. An interesting plot and graceful execution of the drawing can make you keep your eyes on the material.

Our illustrators can draw in any style. We make illustrations for a wide variety of projects – toys, comics, books, corporate mascots, infographics for presentations and many others.


The product must be competitive and attractive. How to produce a product that meets these conditions? Industrial design becomes an integral part of product design, improvement, and commercial success. Without a harmonious and functional design, it is impossible to compete in the modern market.

Our industrial design experts are internationally trained in engineering, helping you to make a product that is not only good, but also functional and easy to manufacture.


A characteristic feature of the modern market is a high level of competition. In such conditions, it is not enough just to release a quality product. It is equally important to present it correctly to potential consumers.

The original memorable packaging design helps in solving this problem. Effective product packaging design attracts attention, effective – makes people buy. By entrusting the development of packaging to us, you solve all problems at once.


Online branding is the most important business engine in the modern world. Structured content allows you to work correctly to attract new customers and work with existing ones. Our task is to design web user interfaces, websites, and applications. Unique design for each specific client, to provide highconsumer properties and aesthetic qualities.

We are Infinity Ink

Hello! We are an international team specializing in graphic, industrial and other types of design. We are approached by people who need expert opinions and the services of professionals in the field of design. Furthermore, we always offer the most aesthetic and effective solutions.

All our designers are experienced international specialists who are able to perform tasks of any complexity at the highest level.

We believe that the customer and the designer are equal in the work on the project, so we are not afraid to tell our honest opinion to you. We welcome people who share our beliefs and new challenges.

To infinity and beyond > > >


We are always in the same orbit with our clients, and bring our projects to their final destination in an endless space of ideas and possibilities.


A specially selected team of professionals works on each of your projects. And even in times of emergency, we will lend you a helping hand in time. You can trust us to bring your ideas to life.


Our way is to make something new where everything has already been done. We strive to come up with an effective and original solution, in any task.


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